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I like tacos :P Music is life, well the getaway from life. I am loved by some and hated by many. Call me misfit but i give a lot of love <3 I just hope that you think of me, because im trying to be unforgettable. Don't believe the lies, look me in my eyes,
please don't be scared of me... <3




When friends won’t believe they’re cute and perfect


when friends insist that you’re cute and perfect


shhhhhhhh you’re cute and perfect deal with it



- Rape people
- Threaten to rape people
- Make jokes about raping people


Please reblog if you are a girl and have ever been made to feel ashamed of one or more of these things (wanting to prove a point to some asshole):

-your weight

-your clothing choice

-your amount of make up

-having sex

-not having sex

-breast size

-having your period

-saying no

-not appreciating catcalls 


-body hair


skins favorites || five scenes || [4/5]
"And then they was all laughing, everyone, and I couldn’t work out if it was ‘cause I’d swore, or if they’d seen that my shorts were wet, so I tried to cover my shorts with my hands, right? But that meant that they all definitely noticed and then there was more laughing. But yeah, Pete…my brother, he was uhm, he was youngest ever. Sixer or something. They’re the ones in charge, sixers. Anyway, he stands up, yeah. Sixer…and uhm, they all liked him. And he takes my hand and he took me to the toilet. And then he had me take my shorts off and then he cleaned me up. Then he took off his shorts and put them on me. Then he kissed me on the cheek, and he took my hand and we both went out there. Him just in his pants. No one laughed. Best day of my life."

I loved Chris more than any other character

MaxMara FW 14 Backstage

MaxMara FW 14 Backstage


Sabrina the Teenage Witch is an expert at counter-spells.